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One of the largest brick retailers in New England, M. O'Mahoney Company specializes providing access to multiple styles of bricks as well as matching old bricks to current styles, locating hard to find colors, textures, and sizes.  When we say "brick" we are talking about one of three brick categories: face bricks, thin bricks, and clay paving bricks. 

Face Bricks comprise bricks that are used on walls, fireplaces, and stairs.  These are full bricks, approximately 3 to 4 inches in depth, and need to be mortared in place.  

Thin Bricks are often made of the same material as face bricks (either clay or concrete), and can also be use for walls, fireplaces, and stairs; however, they are much thinner, typically 1/4 inch to 1 inch in depth.. 

Clay Paving Bricks are typically used for walkways, patios and any type of foot traffic.  They are specifically made for these exact purposes so that they will withstand the wear and tear.

Face Bricks

Thin Bricks

Clay Paving Bricks


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