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Clay Paving Bricks are specially made to withstand the constant pounding of foot traffic and abuse by the elements (especially in New England).  These bricks are made more densely than the typical face brick.  Whereas many face brick are cored or hollow when used in the field, clay paving brick are always solid.  These bricks vary in the same ways that face brick do: they may be tumbled, multicolored, vary in shape and texture.

Looking to choose a brick for your walkway, patio or entrance? Your choices are no longer limited to two or three varieties. We typically stock at least 10 paving brick that offer you a number of choices in color, style and texture.  Below are some galleries that will provide ideas on what is possible.

These are some of the clay paving brick manufacturers whose product we distribute.  If you are interested in viewing more of the bricks we carry, please stop by our showroom and our sales staff will be happy to show you sample boards, bricks and literature.

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