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Decorative stone can be classified as any type of stone that beautifies your landscape surroundings.  While there are many categories of decorative stone, some of which are discussed in other stone sections on this website, we focus on one particular type in this section: Decorative Aggregate Stone.

Aggregate stone is a great way to enhance your landscape and save money at the same time.  At the beginning of each Spring season, homeowners are ordering mulch in all different colors to spruce up their flower beds and landscape.  This can be costly as each year the process begins anew.  With aggregate stone, it is usually a one and done event.  Stone is much more durable than bark mulch: The color does not fade and it is less likely to be blown around by wind or rain.

These reasons alone might entice you to consider aggregate stone, but there is another more important reason: The stone is very beautiful once it is spread across your landscape.  At the M. O'Mahoney Company we have many colors and sizes from which to select.  We also sell many of the styles bulk as well as bagged.

Click on the design gallery below to view some of the options available.

Design Gallery: Decorative Stone
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