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Face bricks can be used for stairs, fireplaces, chimneys, walls, facades of homes.  The size and shape of face brick will vary greatly depending on the need or use of the material.  Face bricks will require mortar and typically have a depth of 3 to 4 inches.  They may be cored, which means that they have holes in them, or solid, which they may have an indentation, but no hole that passes through it. 

Often the same brick will be made cored as well as solid.  The reason for this is that cored brick are lighter in weight and cost less to ship cross country than solid brick.  Furthermore, cored brick allow the mortar that is used to sink into the holes a bit and grab onto the brick.  Once the mortar hardens, an extra bond is created between the mortar and the brick. 

The solid versions of these cored brick are often made for the finishing or exposed courses in brickwork.  At the end of a row of brickwork, one would not want the mortar or holes to show, therefore the solid brick are used to finish the look.

Does this mean that cored brick are less expensive and have less strength than solid brick?  Typically yes.  Because of the extra cost involved in shipping, solid brick are typically more expensive than their cored versions.  They are also stronger, however, keep in mind that cored brick are made to withstand the wear and tear of walls, stairs, chimneys, and fireplaces, and have been used as such for many years.
Here at the M. O'Mahoney Co. we have access to hundreds of brick styles shapes and colors as we distribute product from a number of brick manufacturers. 
Many of the bricks we have access to are in stock.

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These are some of the manufacturers whose brick we distribute.  If you are interested in viewing more of the bricks we carry, please stop by our showroom and our sales staff will be happy to show you sample boards, bricks and literature.



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