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Flagging Stone

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Flagging Stone are any type of flat stones that will typically be used for a walkway, patio or path.  These stones can range anywhere from 1" to 3" in thickness.  For stability purposes, flagging stones will tend to have wide flat surfaces upon which people walk.  The sizes of the stone can vary, with smaller stone mixed in with the larger stone for aesthetic reasons. 

At the M. O'Mahoney Company, we have numerous types of flagging stone that not only range in thickness and size, but also color and texture.  These flagging stones can have a geometric shape or a more natural irregular shape.  Depending on the application, flagging stones can be mortared in place or set on stone dust.  Geometric flagging stone will be sold by the square foot, whereas the irregular flagging stone will be sold by weight.

Design Gallery: Irregular Flagging Stone

Design Gallery: Geometric Flagging Stone
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