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Thin Bricks

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Thin bricks allow you to have the same appearance as a face brick but at a fraction of the weight and thickness.  They are typically used when a person is interested in refacing an already existing veneer, without having to tear down what is currently in place.  Thin brick can be made of either clay or concrete.  The benefit of using thin bricks are that they do not require structural support, and can often be applied using a mastic or thin set mortar. 

Thin bricks can be more expensive than face brick for a number of reasons.  Thin bricks are put through the extra process of being sliced down from face bricks during the manufacturing process.  In addition, because they are more fragile than face brick, they cannot be packaged in bulk the way face brick are packaged.  They are boxed or shipped in smaller quantities, which adds to their cost.

Most thin bricks are available with corner pieces.  These corners are thin but have a 90 degree angle to them for corners in a wall.  These corners give thin bricks the "full" face brick look that makes them indiscernible from regular face brick.

The following images are all examples of thin bricks.  Click on the gallery to enlarge:

Design Gallery: Thin Brick
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