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Thin Veneer Stone

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Thin veneer stone is one of the latest and greatest products to arrive on the natural stone and construction scene.  There are many benefits to thin veneer stone that circumnavigate the issues associated with standard veneer stone. 

First, we must explain what is meant by thin veneer stone.  Thin veneer stone can either be natural or manufactured.  Natural thin veneer stone means that a natural stone has been cut down to create a thin veneer stone. Manufactured thin veneer stone means that something was created, usually from concrete, or formed to replicate the look of natural stone.

Thin veneer stone will typically have a thickness anywhere from 1" to 2".  Thin veneer stone sometimes will have 90º outside corner pieces.  These corner pieces will provide the visual appearance of standard veneer stone, when in fact it is a thin veneer stone.

Here at the M. O'Mahoney Company we can assist you with your stone decision.  To view some examples of either natural thin veneer or manufactured thin veneer, please view the design galleries below.

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