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No project can be accomplished successfully without the proper tools and accessories.  The right tools and accessories can mean the difference between wasting time and efficiency, frustration and satisfaction.  

Here at the M. O'Mahoney Company we provide a full range of tools and accessories that can assist both landscape contractors and homeowners with their project requirements.

Products we carry include:
Geogrid, landscape fabric, weed block, construction adhesives, polymeric sand, cut-off saws, table saws, saw blades, paver edging, shovels, screeds, levels, bonding agents, plate compactors...

Below is a sampling of some of the landscape tools and accessories that we carry in our showroom.  If there is something you don't see or would like to see these products up close, please feel free to stop in and speak with our sales people.  We will be happy to assist you.

Please click on the image below to enlarge. 

Polymeric Sands  Aluminum Edging   Plastic Edging

Wet Table Saws
Dry Table Saws
Gator Dust

Super Sand
Gator Sand

Wheelbarrels Adhesives Gloves

 Plate Compactors     
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