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Unilock Concrete Pavers

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The latest trend in landscape design is to combine several paver styles into your patio design, and into any vertical features, resulting in a fully integrated look.

Unilock concrete pavers encompass a wide variety of paver styles. Their
Classic series includes pavers with standard as well as smooth finishes.  Such styles include: Camelot, Hollandstone, Europaver and New England Cobble.  These pavers are available in some or all of the following colors:

 Charcoal Granite   Nantucket

Natural  Nevada  Red 

 Rustic Red  Terra Cotta Burnt Oak 

Their Classic series also incorporates tumbled product into the mix.  Such products as Brussels Block, Stonehenge, Antara, Cassova, Mirada encompass their tumbled collection.  These pavers are available in some of all of the following colors:

Beechwood  Coffee Creek   Granite

 Limestone Nevada  Sandstone 

 Sierra Terra Cotta   

A recent trend in concrete paver design has been to create a paver that is environmentally friendly.  That is, this permeable paver will allow water to pass through it more easily in order to not disrupt the natural flow into the ground. 

Oftentimes these pavers will be used in areas protected by conservation, along coastal properties, or by those wishing to support environmentally friendly products. 

The pavers in this collection includes: Aqua Terra, Eco-Priora, Eco-Optilock, and Turfstone.  These pavers will come in some or all of the following colors:

 Coffee Creek Heritage  Natural 

Unilock also has an upscale or Select Series of pavers that provide unique textures and colors to your landscape project.  Incorporating various colors and textures is a great way to highlight any backyard patio or front walkway.  The pavers in this collection includes: Granite Stone, Series 3000, Copthorne, Courtstone, Il Campo, and Umbriano.  These pavers will come in some or all of the following colors:

Series 3000:

 Black Granite  Coral Gem Crystal Rose 

Ice Grey  Mocha Brown  Renaissance 

Granite Stone:

Black  Rose  Slate 

Il Campo:

Coffee Creek Granite Heritage

 Santa Fe    


Autumn Sunset   Midnight Sky  Summer Rose

 Winter Marvel    


Basalt  Belgian Blue 


Burgundy Red   Burnt Clay  Old Oak

Below are some examples of Unilock Products installed on projects.  Please click on the image below to enlarge.


 Antara Aquaterra   Brussels

Camelot   Cassova  Copthorne

 Courtstone  Eco-Optiloc  Eco-Priora

 Europaver  Granite Hollandstone 

Il Campo Mirada N.E. Cobble

Series 3000 Stonehenge Turfstone

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