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eneer stone is probably the most versatile and widely used type of stone.  Veneer simply means facing or covering, therefore a veneer stone is a type of stone that covers or faces something else.  This will often mean fireplaces, facades of homes, and chimneys.  Even retaining and freestanding walls can be made with veneer stone.  In these instances, there is usually a substructure that the veneer stone faces, perhaps a concrete foundation wall or cement block. 

The M. O'Mahoney Company is one of the areas largest suppliers of veneer stone.  Below are examples of how veneer stones can be used for your projects.  They have been separated according to category: fireplaces (both exterior and interior), walls (both retaining and freestanding), facades, and chimneys. 

If there is a stone you do not see or would like to take a closer look at the stone used in the examples below, please feel free to visit us at our showroom.  Our staff will be happy to assist you.

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